How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.-Elizabeth Barrett by Guest Blogger Annette Mindermann

I bet you thought I was referring to a certain someone in my life…actually when I was writing that quote I was thinking of…you guessed it…CHEESE!

Heart Shaped Cheese

Cheese is beautiful on so many levels. All the different shapes and sizes are so lovely to look at. The aromas are amazing to take in, and the taste, well where do I even begin? I think one of the best ways to share cheese with your loved one this Valentines Day is paired with Chocolate.

Chocolate and Cheese are a match made in heaven. There are some rules that will help as you find your perfect cheese and chocolate combination. Start with savory then switch to sweet. The sweetness of chocolate can sometimes dominate the palate. Portion size matters. Serve about twice as much cheese as chocolate in order to really get the full effect of these bold flavors. Use the very best quality. Take advantage of all the amazing artisan cheese that Wisconsin has to offer. There are no set rules so taste away until you find your favorite pairing. And you might want to add some wine along the way!

Aged Cheddar with it’s creamy firm texture pairs well with Chocolates filled with nuts or a chocolate covered English Toffee. Or pair our Grassfed Emmentaler Swiss with it’s nutty flavor and slightly grassy finish with a smooth milk chocolate, that would be dreamy. How about a Chipotle Gouda with it’s smoky heat paired with a nice dark chocolate so divine! And here’s the last but definitely not the least, how about a romantic picnic in front of the fire with a chocolate fondue and for dipping, our Jalapeno Jack and Apple Harvest Cheddar, oh so decadent.

According to the National Restaurant Association “what’s hot in 2015″ list artisan cheese is among the top food trends! CHEESE is HOT so think outside the box this Valentines Day, heat up your relationship and share some cheese with your sweetheart! Cheese is for lovers! Share the Love people!

“And that’s the Whey it is”!

You can always order our cheese at Wisconsin Cheese Shop online