Howdy from Green County Wisconsin and Maple Leaf Cheese by Guest Blogger Annette Mindermann

Howdy from Green County Wisconsin-cheese central USA!  My name is Annette Hallada-Mindermann and I welcome you to our new blog!  My goal on this page is to share stories and recipes, thoughts and ideas about all things food and fun and CHEESE!  More CHEESE and oh…did I mention CHEESE?

I have been in love with cheese ever since I was a little girl growing up in Ridgeway Wisconsin.  My Mom and grandparents would take me to the little cheese factory down the road where we would sample Cheddars, Swiss, Brick and of course Curds fresh from the cheese vat.  I always loved the smell of the cheese factory when we first walked in.  The damp warm air lingered as we walked past the cheese vats to the tasting room where there was always a huge chunk of aged Cheddar on the chopping block waiting to be tasted.

When I went off to college in upstate New York my mom would send me care packages, not packed with cookies but packed full of Wisconsin cheese.  My friends would beg to come over and eat cheese on my living room floor with me as we studied.

Over the years I have taken my cheese obsession to the next level.  Taking folks on cheese tours around the state.  I started attending cheese classes through Wisconsin Cheese Originals and UW Madison.

I attended the World Championship Cheese Competition.  I competed in the Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Competition in Dodgeville Wisconsin last spring.  I also had the great fortune in July of traveling to Sacramento California to attend the 2014 American Cheese Society Conference.  I have never in all my life seen, smelled, touched and tasted so much artisan cheese!  Whoa!  It was an eye opening inspiring event.  It was this trip that started to open my mind to the possibility of having a career in the cheese industry.  I had no clue how or when or what but I had a dream of working in cheese.

In September of this year my dream came true and I was offered a position with Maple Leaf Cheese as their Director of Social Media.  And Voila’!  Here I am writing to you all!

I packed up my bags and moved from the Milwaukee area to Monroe Wisconsin with my adventurous husband and our little white fluffy dog named Maddie Mae (who both happen to love cheese too).  I have been immersed into the cheese world and learning more than I ever could have imagined.  As I told my mom after my third day of work, “I walk outside after work and the sun is setting over the cornfields, a tractor is driving through town pulling a manure spreader as a milk truck pulls into the factory to deliver milk and the air smells like cow manure”‘ (of course I used a much spicier 4 letter word here).  “Truly a Dairy-Air experience”.  AHHHHHH this is cheesy country heaven to me!

I look very forward to rambling on about my many wonderful cheese adventures and sharing recipes and stories with you.  Please check us out on Facebook at and check  out our Pinterest boards at Maple Leaf Cheese  for awesome recipes and cheese inspiration.  We’ll just call it Cheesepiration!  And…most importantly go to our online store at and get your hands on some cheese, like now!

“And that’s the whey it is”.