What’s Your Favorite Picnic Memory? by Guest Blogger Annette Mindermann

picnic hillside


I definitely have a favorite dreamy almost moviesque (if that is even a word) picnic memory from long ago.  About 1982 I believe it was in Upstate New York overlooking one of the magnificent Finger Lakes.  We had just taken a long drive up to visit Bully Hill Vineyard, back then a very small quint establishment.  We took a tour and bought a couple bottles of wine and headed back down the hillside looking for the perfect picnic destination.

picnic 8Jersey cows


I had been watching a lot of Julia Child back in those days and decided for the picnic I wanted to under take her recipe for Seafood Terrine.  I would also attempt making my very first French Baguette.  Well I did make both but what I discovered is that Lox is NOT smoked Salmon!  So the terrine was a bit off on taste.  And that French Baguettes take a bit of practice to make them perfectly crusty on the outside yet nice and chewy and full of holes with a hearty taste inside.  But non of that mattered as the view from our hilltop field we found to enjoy our spread and the great wine and fun company were really all that were needed to have a very memorable picnic.

picnic 7



A picnic is nothing more than a moveable feast.  A few key components make for a luxurious freeing al fresco experience.  It’s great to have a really good picnic basket or the new picnic backpacks that come with all your utensils, plates, glasses and blanket.  Perhaps you would like a wireless sound system to hook up to your phone for some awesome music or…maybe you just prefer the sounds of nature.  Some sunscreen, bug spray and sunglasses are always a safe bet.

picnic 4Picnic wine and cheese


Next to consider is your food.  I think it’s always best to have a great loaf of bread, some of your favorite cheeses, some charcuterie from your favorite shop, perhaps a small dessert and of course some great wine is always a plus!   I always like to think local and seasonal.  For instance this time of year fresh greens and asparagus abound in Wisconsin.  Farmers Markets are sprouting up in every little small town across the state so why not pick up some local eggs and boil them up.  Fresh canned pickles are must and of course CHEESE from your local creamery or cheese shop!

Charcuterie                                                              Cheese picnic platter

Locations are vast and plentiful.  How about your favorite park, a lake, a field you drive by on your way to work that always catches your eye, a local hilltop vineyard or even one of your best friends backyards.  Grab your loved one or some friends and family and get out into the Wisconsin wonderland this summer!  Eat some great local food including of course CHEESE and make some crazy good picnic memories!


Picnic couple sunset


“And that’s the Whey it is!”